Crossroads stage will host a medley of flamboyant song and dance performances that will transport you back to the glorious decades of Bollywood in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It was an era in Indian cinema that created the silver screen's first superstars.
With a contemporary spin on the classics, these shows will take you on a grand trip down memory lane and for those unfamiliar with Bollywood's bygone era, it is a glimpse into the dramatic world of India's legends.

Show 1 – Bollywood Parks Remixed
Bollywood Parks Remixed is a show featuring all the hits from the Bollywood Parks movies remixed to foot-tapping and energetic club versions. Featuring dancers and look-a like characters Chulbul, Pandey & G-One, this show is the one place where you can see and hear all of our popular film’s song collections. We will also mix in popular, local, Arabic and English club songs.
Featuring a crowd interactive host, this show will include audience participation. The audience will be engaged to join in with the cast for the featured stars famous “hook-steps”. After the show, park guests can stick around for a quick meet & greet with the cast.

Show 2 – Pehla Nasha
Pehla Nasha – or ‘First Love’ is a quintessential emotion in Hindi films as depicted through the classic love songs. This ensemble of songs is from contemporary Bollywood films.
The journey of love is depicted through high energy dances, lifts and classic pirouettes. In modern Bollywood films, dance performances are often influenced by Western culture and dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, modern and they fuse with various Indian styles. With so many variations, the evolution of Bollywood dance is a process that is entirely Indian and yet cross-cultural at the same time.