Lagaan: Champaner Cricket Carnival

Step right into a rural celebration at the Champaner Carnival. Enjoy the sights and sounds of an Indian village and join in the exuberance of innocent joy as you enjoy rides on a ferris wheel and the carousel. There are vendors of tasty snacks all around and many a trinket to catch the eye of every belle.

Lagaan games:

Champaner Cricket Carnival
Rural India comes to life in this fun-filled carnival, inspired by the iconic movie Lagaan.
Bhuvan’s Wheel
Get onboard this mini Ferris wheel, taking kids of all ages high up in the air.

Ride Information 

Minimum Height 90 CM
Accompanied 90 CM to 120 CM
Unaccompanied 120 CM and above.
Category Kids Ride
Type Ferris Wheel
Zone Rustic Ravine

Gauri’s Carousel 
The world goes round and round on this elaborately themed mini carousel for children.

Ride Information

Maximum Height 140 CM
Minimum Height 95 CM
Accompanied  95 CM to 120 CM
Unaccompanied  120 CM to 140 CM
Category Kids Ride
Type Carousel
Zone Rustic Ravine

Tipu’s Tub Toss
Is your throw good enough to make the balls stay inside the tub?
Champaner Chickens
Try to catch the chickens to win!
Googly Games:
Knock down all the cans with a well-aimed bowl to win fun prizes. 

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