Mumbai Express

The chugging train is an ever-present image in Bollywood films, in this show, performers atop our train rooftop stage will dance to a range of popular songs that have romanticized the Indian train. The shows also celebrates the Taporis, the small time street hustlers of Mumbai, with their unique vocabulary and a cadence of speech that makes for great comedy and characterization.

Show 1 – Amchi Mumbai Taporis
Tapori literally translates into vagabond or rowdy in Hindi. Street thugs in Mumbai were perhaps the most notable taporis.  Tapori’s have a very comical style of speaking and a very colorful clothing style. Join our Tap Tap taporis as they entertain park guests with their comical style of dancing and crowd interaction.

Show 2 – Zindagi Ek Safar
Train Dxb567 is travelling from Mumbai to Bollywood Parks™ Dubai. Join our travelers on top of the Victoria station train as they make their journey which is jam packed with love, sheer fun and Entertainment.
A recurring theme in Hindi films has been the passage of time, and the journey towards love and hope. The train being an ever present image of yesteryear Bollywood, it features prominently in the park with a stage on its roof. As in the films, this serves as a backdrop for some of the most recognizable songs filmed on moving vehicles.
The performance will feature dancers atop our train stage, presenting dances to a range of songs made popular over the years. These songs range from the black and white era,  to the earlier years of Shahrukh Khan’s career.