Rangmanch is an open-air venue for village style song and dance performances. The highly entertaining and energetic performances will be showcased on a stage typically found in village centers. The Banjara (gypsy) style dances and the Nautanki (folk style) performers will perform a medley of upbeat dance performances with female lead dancers who will set every man’s heart on fire.
This stage will also celebrate the performance arts of rural and remote villages with the shows that feature regional inspired Indian dance forms from Rajasthan and Gujarat states of India.

Show 1- Gori Tera Gaon

This selection of earthy, rustic songs showcases the journey of transformation of certain village belles to village sirens in an attempt to woo their husbands back from the alluring clasp of the village hottie.
The show attempts to bring to life the two quintessential Bollywood stereotypes associated with Indian villages – the belle that steals your heart and the siren that sets it on fire.The story is told through some classical elements of the xxx dance.  The choreography, costuming, music and aesthetics of the show will help convey this progression of mood!

Total Performers – 6

Duration – 12 mins

Show 2 – Nautanki Saala

Nautanki Saala celebrates rustic street-theatre & melas (village carnival) bringing together elements like human puppets (gudiya), dhol (drums) and peacock feather fans all performed to Bollywood beats. The choreography will feature influences from Bollywood inspired folk and regional Indian dance traditions, such as Rajasthani Kalbeliya, Gujarati Garba Raas, Bhangra and Katputli.
This stage replicates a typical village square platform with a tree canopy allowing the audience to fully absorb the mood of Rustic Ravine.

Total Performers – 6

Duration – 13 mins