RA.One: Unleashed

Imagine RA.One, more powerful and on the loose again!
You, as a valued shareholder of the company, have been invited to the exclusive unveiling of a revolutionary product, the Game Glove Controller hosted by the founder and CEO Prateek Subramaniam, son of Shekhar Subramaniam, the legendary designer and creator of the villain RA.One and the hero G.One. But things take a turn for the worse, and G.One’s archenemy RA.One comes to life more powerful than before and determined to wreak havoc. What will Prateek do? Join this thrilling 4D multi-sensory virtual ride to witness the battle for supremacy and see who will emerge victor.

Ride Information,

Minimum Age 8 Years and above
Accompanied 90 CM to 120 CM
Unaccompanied 8 years and above.
Category Family
Type 4D Cinema
Zone Bollywood Film Studios - Hall of Heroes Building

Presented by Pepsi
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