Stars on Steps

This is an all-out Bollywood song and dance show with all the stops pulled out. In this glitzy show, dancers will perform a popular and classic Bollywood dances, set to hit Bollywood songs through the ages. The large LED screens will recreate the legendary song sequence backdrops like the opulent durbars and temples as the backdrops for this sizzling starry show.
For variety, we have also thrown in a show dedicated to the south. This high energy performance will set the heart racing and your feet stomping.

Show 1 – Evergreen Hits of Bollywood
Indian cinema has an identity which is very unique and unmatched. We have moved from black and white to 3D films. 40s, 50s and 60s were considered the Golden Age of Indian Cinema.
70s changed the way films were made. The new cinema movement continued during 80s and 90s with mixed genre of romance, thriller, comedy and action films.
Hosted by Bollywood Parks Resident Radio voice, emulating Ameen Sayani, we take you into the journey of time through beautiful dance movements and evergreen songs that  have played major role in the Bollywood scene.

Show 2 – Southern Spice
Bollywood Parks pays tribute to the South! While Bollywood is hugely popular, there is a parallel film industry in South India which regularly inspires Bollywood. This high energy performance takes you to the heart of the south with their fast witty dance moves that will set the heart racing and your feet stomping.